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There are two sorts of membership of SICA.
Ordinary Members and Quality Mark (QM) Members. An Ordinary membership is included in the QM membership

Ordinary Membership

There are three Ordinary Membership types available to anyone making cider or perry by fermenting fresh pressed juice and who is interested in SICA's aims, shown below

People or organisations who don't make cider or perry but who have a allied trade, or a simply keen interest in cider & Perry can apply to become non-voting members.

You can also become a non-voting member if you are a cidermaker of any size who want to support our efforts to educate and inform people about the impact an unfair duty system is having on small cidermakers, but don't want the benefits of being a full member,  because you already support a regional cider association. 

  • Non-voting members

    Making less than 1000 litres a year
    Valid for 12 months
    • This Non-voting membership of SICA
  • HMRC Exempt

    Every year
    Making more than 10hl but no more than 70hl a year
    • Voting membership of SICA
  • HMRC Registered

    Every year
    If you make more than 70hl each year
    • Voting membership of SICA
Quality Mark Membership


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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