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The Aims of the Association are:
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  • The Aims of the Association are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to:

  • Promote the manufacture of cider and perry from the juice of fresh pressed UK apples and pears;

  • Promote the preservation and maintenance of orchards and to make links with orchard groups and societies for the mutual benefit of its members;

  • Establish and maintain a cider and perry Quality Mark that will assist producers in marketing their qualifying products;

  • Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, updating of information and knowledge and discussion of non-commercial matters relating to cider and perry; 

  • Promote co-operation between members and with other associations and organisations with which the Company has mutual interests and benefits; and

  • Support the liberty from registration enjoyed by micro-producers making less than 70hl of cider or perry per year

  • Support the introduction of a fair duty system that recognises the difficulties, costs and unique nature of making cider from fresh pressed apples

  • You can join our association here

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  • We believe that the best cider & Perry is made from fresh juice, not from concentrate.

  • Unfortunately it is not always easy for a consumer to sort their way through the marketing speak to find out what a product is really made from.

  • Many consumers don't realise that the legal requirement for juice in cider or perry is only 35%

  • To help consumers choose the products they like, we have developed a National Quality Mark for cider. It is the first of its kind to guarantee a consumer that the cider or perry they by is made to the highest standard with a MINIMUM of 90% fermented fresh juice in the finished cider or perry.

  • You might ask 'why it isn't 100% fresh juice?' Unfortunately, unless a cidermaker is going to hand dry every apple after washing, and wipe dry the inside of every barrel, you couldn't truthfully say 100%.

  • There are also limits to what can be proven, particularly by small craft products without expensive laboratories, there really isn't a reliable way to measure the difference between say, 98% and 99%.

  • If our claim wasn't to be an empty one there needs to be evidence to support it. So we decided that MINIMUM 90% was an honest claim that we could back up with proof and have  externally audited to show that the claim is true. 

  • Our Quality Mark is audited by KIWA who are responsible for auditing many of the best known quality marks in the UK.

  • Find more more details and how to apply for our Quality Mark Here

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  • Small brewers only pay half the duty rate of large brewers.

  • This duty rate relief helps small brewers compete with the economies of scale enjoyed by large companies

  • The EU has recognised that a Small Cidermakers Relief Scheme should be introduced to help small cidermakers as well

  • The relief scheme will help independentregistered cidermakers compete in a multinational market place.

  • SICA proposes all cider duty rates are discounted by 50% on the first 5000hL produced, in line with small brewers.

  • This should be tapered to 15,000hL as proposed by the EU.

  • The proposed scheme will largely mitigate the unwanted side effects of the new 6.9% band hitting traditional cider and perries soon

  • Sparkling craft ciders would become economically viable enabling the rebirth of a high value segment.

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